'DIVA',  is the first piece in a series from the Different Women Project- celebrating diversity and difference through Performance. This show has one clear aim: to help people in the community at large understand women that don't fit the standard mould!

It's about ME. The experiences I have had in my working life (performance) and in my love life (oh yes!).

How being mixed race and bisexual makes things different both growing up and as a modern woman today and how those experiences as women eventually turn us (because, sadly, the world is not just about MOI), (Yet) into DIVAS.

It's about celebrating the *fabulousness* of women and our journeys and having a bloody good laugh while we're at it. 

It features: the F* it Chicken, Talking Pussies, A Horses' Ass and a healthy dose of Disney and all things sing song.

It's a chronicle of what approaching life as a grown ass woman fully in charge of herself looks like as a different woman and reclaiming the word DIVA. With singing and thrashing. Erm sorry movement.'


A transmedia project, the show will be accompanied by the release of a music single- 'Diva'- a Gaga-esque, Pink inspired rocky dance number, named after the show itself. All proceeds of which will be redirected into the furthering of the Different Woman Project.