Because of her ability to learn virtually anything by ear and contribute to the formation of new phonetic languages, Ariane is considered to have a special gift for vocal work and has been invited to work  on creative projects with international artists at The Tate Museum in London and The CAC in Andalusia.

With an excellent ear for Latin languages and most accents Ariane has an array of authentic accents and dialects to choose from in both English and French.  She also speaks and is able to record in Spanish and Italian.


For a full list of accents please visit her spotlight page!

Past work includes includes  ADR for  Sky TV's 'Hooten and the lady' , voicing the official French guide for educational website FrenchAssistant.com. , and voicing the Character ADR for the Batman Live World Arena tour as the French voices of Harley Quinn and Mary Grayson.


She also records for a number of  corporate clients in the UK, including HSBC  and local studios and businesses as the recorded greeting voice for many recognised brands including, Boots, Charles Worthington and Specsavers.



Voice Qualities: Warm, Sincere, Engaging.                        


 Best Sells: Luxury, 'Youf', Corporate, Comedy.


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