" The Dword seminar, deals with promoting awareness and change in the performance industry through examining the choices made in our industry at every level when it comes to 'Diversity'.

It  also delves into accounts from BAME performers themselves, (both recent graduates and veterans) and how we can begin to deconstruct the problems faced in our industry by approaching it on all levels; writing, casting, directing, education and performance. The seminar encourages students and professionals to remove themselves from their own ' world view' in order to better understand others, create diversity in all forms and  no longer be afraid of Diversity and Difference ".

Ariane Barnes- Performance , Dance and Drama, QTLS MSET.

The seminar is available to book in a 1 hour, 2 hour or half day workshop format and can be delivered in any tertiary educational setting or corporate environment. It can also be tailored to suit the organisations needs and requirements and is an  ideal component for professional preparation units at conservatoire level.

Email: ariane@arianebarnes.co.uk  to discuss your  Dword adventure !