This piece is the Winner of the Popelei Seed Commission 2018 & Arcola Labs Resident 2019.  It was also selected for the John Thaw Initiative Blacktress season of works-in-progress in October 2018. After Lock down was declared in 2020 in the UK the piece was integrated  into 'Maroon Queen : The Enduring Heart'  a social project via Ariane's holistic empowerment company Different Women.


“I'm going to take you on a journey to show you what it was…well is, to be me. I figured round about now you might be bovered…now that Prince Harry has finally come to his senses and married that American girl.”


Maroon Queen is a one-woman comedy, written by writer-performer Ariane Barnes about the Mixed Race Maroon Queen Of Mauritius and the enduring spirit of the Kreol rebellion that appeals to the much needed rebel in us all. The play is a fusion of epic poetry, live music, Capoeria and verse enriched with French and Mauritian Kreol. 


 This project has brought together some amazing international creatives including capoerista & musician Nino Poncianho ( Mojabu capoeira, BBC, Cats 2019 ) and Afro-Brazilian dance expert Irineu Nogueira ( Abeieie dance, Bambas festival, International Samba Congress) and Mauritian artist & musician Daniella Bastien & Marie- Antoinette Ramdana.

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