Praise For Maroon Queen

'Ariane's powerful but subtle verse shines a light on those much needed forgotten stories of women from our collective past- the world is richer for the telling of them, especially with such humour.'  


Rosie Hilal, Artistic Director, Theatre Forge.


A vital look at identity and roots, told with inspired clarity by Ariane Barnes. This piece cuts through all expectations in it's first 20 seconds and has you hooked from then on.’  


Jannik Archer, Audience Feedback.


'A brilliantly vibrant and powerful show. Ariane’s performance brings a historical story to life with urgency and vitality, and her writing is laced with wry humour and gleeful irreverence.”  


Scarlett Plouviez Comnas, Associate Director, Popelei Theatre. 

This is the initial presentation of the first half of the show as part of the Blacktress Season of Works-in-progress at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London in Oct 2018. The show then progressed to being awarded the Popelei Seed Commission for Research and Development for R&D in 2019 and completed R&D during an Arcola Lab Residency at the Arcola Theatre.